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5 Tips To Look Great In Your Swimsuit

5 tips to look great in your swimsuit

Start in the Kitchen

Any professional will tell you, abs are made from a balance of the kitchen and the gym. Because of this, you want to be noshing on the right foods that will get you prepped for a healthy and good looking summer. Be sure to snack on almonds, which reduce the absorption of fat, and fill your body with the magnesium it needs to build muscle. Don’t forget to eat lots of leafy greens, citrus fruits and legumes, as well.

Work the Entire Body

Looking great in your suit is about more than just your abs. Be sure that you include a full body workout at least once a week. This means focusing on legs (lunges, leg presses), arms (pushups, free weights), and your entire abdomen (planks, full sit ups).

Get Running

You can work those muscles all you want, but if you’re not including even a small amount of cardio, you are going to see less than stellar results. Whether you’re running on a treadmill, huffing it outside or working the elliptical, be sure to do intervals. Interval training keeps your heart pumping, allowing for maximum calorie burn.

Choose for Your Shape

Not all swimsuits are created equal, and an important part of looking great in your swimsuit is choosing the best one for your shape. Consider which suit will be best for you:

Top heavy: Look for tops with underwire to support the areas that need it the most.
Short torso: Find a suit with a deep plunge, this will elongate that area of your body.
Hourglass shape: Choose a print that stands out, or something with ruffles. This accentuates each curve.
Big booty: Suits with a fold-over waste is flattering to any bottom, but avoid boy short bottoms which make your backside look bigger.

Eat Right on Beach Day

Your final step to looking great in your swimsuit is eating right before you head off the bbq, beach or pool. Be sure that your breakfast consists of slimming foods like water-rich vegetables, nuts and light fruits. Don’t chow down on heavy potatoes, eggs and salty bacon or you’ll be feeling the bloat later. Don’t forget to drink water to give your skin that healthy glow.

Everyone deserves to feel amazing in their swimsuit and there is no reason you shouldn’t. Remember to make conscious decisions in the kitchen, work every inch of your body and choose the right suit for you so you’ll be sure to feel great when summer time makes it way here.

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