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Do You Know Why Your Workout Isn’t Working? Here Are 5 Probable Reasons

Image result for bad workoutWell, you have been working out for the last few weeks or maybe a few months now but you are yet to see any results. At this point there are probably two things in your mind. The first one is a question, should I give up or should I push on? The other thing on your mind is frustration. Yes, I know, you are so mad at yourself and you think you are a failure. However, don’t worry since you are not the only one that has to go through this.

Giving up should not be an option and neither is it a solution to your failure to lose weight. What you should do instead is to try and get to the source of this predicament in order to come up with a solution. The following are some of the probable reasons why your workout isn’t working.

1. You are not working-out hard enough

There is a big difference between just working-out and working-out well. Most people assume that as long as they workout consistently then they are good to go. Visiting the gym and doing a few random exercises is not good enough. If you want to see the results of your workout you have to have a structured program that will involve different physically engaging exercises. Push your body as far as possible and make sure you sweat enough. Remember that the harder the exercise the better.


2. The food reward problem

This is probably the biggest problem facing many people with their workouts. After leaving the gym you will definitely be very hungry as you have used up most of your energy reserves. Hunger is a terrible monster which can lead you into making terrible choices like eating a lot of junk. Furthermore, the mentality that you can eat anything you want since you are working out may be the reason that you are not seeing any results from your workout. If you are taking in more calories than you are burning then you will not see any changes. In fact, it is also possible for you to gain weight even if you work out on a daily basis.


3. You are not getting enough sleep

It is a golden rule that you should get enough hours of sleep each single day. Trading sleep with the gym will never work well for you. If you don’t get enough sleep then you will always be tired and hence you will not focus on your workouts. Sleep is also very important since most repairs on the body will be done when you are asleep.


4. You are too eager to lose weight

It is understandable that you are looking forward to losing weight but this excessive eagerness is not good for your fitness program. This is because it will make you blind to minor changes that you body may be making. This will then lead you into thinking that you are not losing any weight and so you will probably give up. Losing weight works differently for different people. While for some it happens very fast, for others it takes a bit longer. Patience is the key to the success of any workout.


5. You drink little water

Besides from when you are working out, do you drink water any other time? If you do you probably take half a glass after a meal and that is it. Water is as important to weight loss as any cardiovascular machine you use. Water helps to suppress appetite and hence you eliminate the risk of overeating. If the body does not get enough water then your kidneys will not function properly and so your liver has to come in to give support. This means that most of the fat that you take in will be stored rather that get used up since the liver is faced with too much of work.

Now you know some of the reasons why your workout is not working and there are very simple things that you can easily correct. Change this and you will start seeing positive results from your workouts.


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