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Tips To Avoid Wedding Day Bloat

Be sure you look your best and fit perfectly in your dress with these few tips to avoid bloating on your wedding day!Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Bloat

 Avoid carbonated drinks – the fizzy bubbles can get caught in your belly leading to gas which causes bloating. Skip the sodas and instead reach for a flavored bottle of water or some tea. Peppermint tea such as Heather’s Organic Peppermint Tummy Tea is known to sooth an upset stomach that can help reduce bloat.

Limit sodium – everyone knows that salt can make you puffy so cut it out of your diet at least a week before your big day.

Vegetables such as beans, potatoes, brussels sprouts, lentils, broccoli, bananas and raisins are harder for the body to break down so try to avoid these foods in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

If all else fails and your feeling a little bloated the morning of your wedding, you can always try an antacid such as Gas-X that offer fast relief.

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